Ivarian – Sanitary Pad Pouch(Multicolour) Combo Set of 50 Bags

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* Specially designed for personal & private use. NEVER before OFFER 25 pcs + 25 pcs Disposal Bag
* Sanitary Pad Pouch Material : 100% Cotton and Jute, Measures: (17 x 13 cms when folded) (18 x 26 cms when opened)
* Disposal Bag : OXO-BIODEGRADABLE (Environment Friendly) with tamper proof self adhesive. (Pack of 25 Bags)
* Best GIFT to your teen-one’s. Amazing assorted prints for adorable girls and ladies.

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Sanitary Pad Holder (Pack of 1 Pc)+ Sanitary Disposal Bag (Pack of 50 Bags)

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No more pad or tampon flying out of your purse when you grab your wallet. Here is the perfect solution. I can see this being great for tweens & teens at school. Not so embarrassing in the backpack, trip to the restroom. There is 1 big pocket inside. 4-5 pads can be held inside. This make a great gift for teenagers. Made with 100% cotton and jute materials. Machine wash or hand wash in cold and tumble dry on low. Iron as needed.

Measures: (17 x 13 cms when folded) (18 x 25 cms when opened).

Sanitary Pad Disposal Bag, Period Disposal Bag, Women Necessity, Diaper Disposal Bag, Condom Disposal Bag, Panty Liner Disposal Bag,

Now No more worrying about disposing personal, Sanitary pads, Tampon, Condoms, Panty Liners, Baby Diapers and anything personal. Must to have it in your bag wherever you go out. 100% MADE IN INDIA, Made of OXO-BIODEGRADABLE (Environment Friendly). These bags are Tamper proof, with No-Leakage & No Adour to keep your environment hygiene & clean.


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