Ivarian-Tedemei Stainless Steel Lunch Box No.6561 (Green)

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* Premium Stainless Steel
* Air Tight to keep food fresh
* Leak Proof to avoid spilling
* BPA Free, Food Grade Material
* 100% Perfect for School, College, Office, Outing to keep food fresh.

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Ivarian Tedemei Stainless Steel Lunch Box with 2 Compartments 750 ML, Tiffin Box, Snacks Box with removable inner bowls (Green)

Benefits of Ivarian Homio Lunch Box Tiffin Box Food containers are the basic and most common packaging containers we use on a regular basis. These are found everywhere – at homes, in offices, in stores and even in our bags when we are traveling. We often spend plenty or extra to buy extra nutritious or high quality nutritious food, but if we do not have the right kind of storing containers, we will not be able to keep them in good condition for long. These are specially made for carrying food, keeping food fresh and ensuring that there is no wastage. If you are still in doubt whether to use food containers or not, here are some more reasons which will help you to understand the benefits of using food containers. Highly Durable Air Tight Portability Food safety Assured Helps To Save Money No Maintenance/ Easy To Clean

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Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 23 × 17 × 9 cm


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