Ivarian – Toiletry Hand Bag (Assorted Colour)

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* Waterproof Travel Toiletry Bag
* Premium Quality Nylon Material
* 1 Compartment with mesh material
* Hanging hook makes it more useful for traveling purpose
* Can hold all your toiletry cosmetic gadget items in one bag

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Stash your beauty loot inside this beautifully detailed Magnas Waterproof Bag Travel Toiletry Kit. The spacious benefit travel beauty bag features a playful, feminine look and charming zipper pulls. The high-quality bag stays impressively clean through all your beauty adventures.


There are many benefits to using a hanging toiletry bag. A hanging toiletry bag is more than just a regular toiletry bag. It is similar in that it is a cosmetic case with a number of separate compartments allowing you to store and organise your grooming essentials. But, it has the added feature of a hook. While this may not seem particularly amazing, the benefits of this are many. The hanging toiletry bag is very convenient when travelling as it can be easily and conveniently hooked onto a doorknob or towel rack.

The hanging toiletry bag is perfect for use on Planes where space is very limited or in bus stations or train stations. With the hanging toiletry bag there is no need to find a clean surface that is large enough to put your toiletry bag as you can simply and easily hang it on the back of the bathroom door.

Another great feature of the hanging toiletry bag is the multitude of compartments. With many compartments it is easy to arrange and organise your toiletry and grooming products. Easy organization makes for easy travelling – there is no need to rummage around looking of an item in the hanging toiletry bag, as all your cosmetics, shaving kits, toothbrush, hairbrush etc can be stored separately and clearly in one bag. There is no need to unpack all your toiletries since they are easily stored in the bag. You can just take out what you’ll be using and put it back when you are done. The hanging toiletry bag is not only great for travel it can also be used at home to keep your bathroom clean and tidy.

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